Hello everyone! Thank you for your interest in the healing properties of the stones, gems, and minerals I work with. I have been given the gift of communication with these stones and have new information to share as well as known info too!! My path in life is to share this information with the world, through word, and adornment. I will continually update this page with any new downloads (information) I get from the mineral world. If you have questions, feel free to contact me through the contact page!! I hope you all find this helpful :)

Black Onyx: Offers extra protection to the soul during rough patches, and times of extreme ups and downs. This is a super soul soother. 

Bloodstone: This stone aids in the cleaning, clearing and cleansing of your energetic and physical body.

Chocolate Moonstone: This stone aids in softening to yourself. It sees past and through the hardness that can be in your body, mind and soul. She also helps to balance between earth (the ground) and the etherial realm.

Crazy Lace Agate: This stone is a companion for your personal journey. Wear this stone to help you feel at home in yourself, no matter where you are, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It also helps to keep you safe on this journey. It is a shield of Self, a shield to keep your Self, safe.

Green Aventurine: Take the leap!! This stone is all about helping in the process of trust. Trusting yourself, the universe, your path in this lifetime. It's trusting froward movement, even when you don't know what that is. Just trust and jump!!

Kyanite: This blue beauty is a powerhouse of strength and courage. Keep this close when faced with beautiful growing opportunities and challenges. It also helps to calm and sooth your body. 

Labradorite: Known as 'the pusher' stone, she helps to bring you through whatever you are going through, faster and with more ease. Although she helps to speed up the situation, you still learn the lessons you're supposed to learn and take with you. She also helps you to gain traction, or footing, in situations where you lack that. Really wonderful for use as an anti anxiety tool.

Lodolite: A world within a world. This crystal helps you to dive deep into your inner world. It helps to explore your inner landscape, to help you BE in your BE-ing. To get to know the other parts of you, you shy away from. Step in!!

Marbled Picture Jasper: Wear this stone to feel and see the richness in your life. This stone also helps to see the richness, and depth in the life lessons you are leaning. It helps you to see the layers and color and DECADENCE which surround your life. EAT CAKE!!!!!

Moonstone: She embodies some of the highest vibration in the mineral kingdom. A known symbol of the divine feminine, the divine mother, she helps to connect YOU to YOUR divine self, teaching YOU of YOUR divine energy, YOUR self source. Again, being of the highest vibration, she helps with personal, spiritual, and divine evolution. She aids you through life/energy shifts and energetic transformation. Own your feminine!

Moss Kyanite: Her beautiful green/blue hue shines into your heart and mind and helps to open to your personal psychic abilities. Zoom out, and she helps you to touch all that is. All that exists in time and space, across all dimensions from the beginning of time. 

Rose Quartz: L-O-V-E. Pure and simple in its support and vibration. Love in every possible expression of love. Lovie is all.  

Rutilated Quartz: Sometimes your inner and outer being are not in alignment. This stone brings in source royalty energy to help match your insides with your outsides. Your inner being with your outer being. It helps to blend your sides and show your beautiful WHOLE SOUL SELF to the world.

Selenite: Opens the channel above your crown. This stone softly brings you above the clouds. Great for meditation or connecting to your council and other support beings in the ethos. It's also used for recharging other crystals between full moons. 

Shattuckite: This stone helps with protection to your soul self while you work on opening your intuition and psychic abilities. It keeps the mischief makers away!

Sodalite: This stone works with your vibrational energy. It helps to transfer energy from you out into the world and dimension. It helps you to see through your own power. It make those walls that have surrounded your energy and power transparent to yourself and others. This stone helps you to open to transcendence, and expansion. She's soft, gentle, soothing and solid. 

Strawberry Quartz: She is filled with love. She guides safety to be at the beginning of any situation and stage in life. She helps to support you at the start of anything your heart desires. She feels almost like that speck of stardust we all come from. That stardust from the beginning. 

Sugilite: This stone is like a 'shield of light' for highly sensitive beings. Those of us that need to explore vulnerability will want this stone on or around them. This stone also aids in being in your freedom. 

Yellow Aventurine: This stone helps to connect or reconnect you to your personal will. It helps to reestablish relationship to self and to your path.