Hello everyone! Thank you for your interest in the healing properties of the stones, gems, and minerals I work with. I have been given the gift of communication with these stones and have new information to share and known info too!! My path in life is to share this information with the world, through word, and adornment. I will continually update this page with any new downloads (information) I get from the mineral world. If you have questions, feel free to contact me through the contact page!! I hope you all find this helpful :)

Labradorite: Known as 'the pusher' stone, she helps to bring you through whatever you are going through, faster and with more ease. Although she helps to speed up the situation, you still learn the lessons you're supposed to learn and take with you. She also helps you to gain traction, or footing, in situations where you lack that. Really wonderful for use as an anti anxiety tool.  

Black Onyx: Offers extra protection to the soul during rough patches, and times of extreme ups and downs. This is a super soul soother. 

Moonstone: She embodies some of the highest vibration in the mineral kingdom. A known symbol of the divine feminine, the divine mother, she helps to connect YOU to YOUR divine self, teaching YOU of YOUR divine energy, YOUR self source. Again, being of the highest vibration, she helps with personal, spiritual, and divine evolution. She aids you through life/energy shifts and energetic transformation. Own your feminine!

Crazy Lace Agate: This stone is a companion for your personal journey. Wear this stone to help you feel at home in yourself, no matter where you are, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It also helps to keep you safe on this journey. It is a shield of Self, a shield to keep your Self, safe.

Rutilated Quartz: Sometimes your inner and outer being are not in alignment. This stone brings in source royalty energy to help match your insides with your outsides. Your inner being with your outer being. It helps to blend your sides and show your beautiful WHOLE SOUL SELF to the world.

Sodalite: This stone works with your vibrational energy. It helps to transfer energy from you out into the world and dimension. It helps you to see through your own power. It make those walls that have surrounded your energy and power transparent to yourself and others. This stone helps you to open to transcendence, and expansion. She's soft, gentle, soothing and solid. 

Marbled Picture Jasper: Wear this stone to feel and see the richness in your life. This stone also helps to see the richness, and depth in the life lessons you are leaning. It helps you to see the layers and color and DECADENCE which surround your life. EAT CAKE!!!!!